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How To Start A Record Company with Your $600 Stimulus Check

Start an LLC

On average an LLC costs $130 to start in the united states.

Grab a suite address

On average a suite address costs $10-13 a month to start in the united states. You'll need one of these to keep your business address private. Eventually, you will want to pay for a registered agent to keep your name off the books but this is a great place to start.

Get a Distro Kid Account

Grab the label account for $80 a year you'll need it for distribution and you always need good data. They have the best accounting available.

Sign a low-cost Act

With the remaining $377 purchase 3 bomb-ass records and flip them!!

  • Bedroom Producer - Sign a bedroom producer and market their songs to alternative markets and for Micro sync and TV and Film synchronization.

  • Instrumentalist - Sign a budding instrumentalist and market their songs to alternative markets and for synchronization.

  • Ghostwriter - Purchase completed songs from a songwriter that wants to put music anywhere but the mainstream.

License, License, License

  • Micro sync

  • TV, Film

  • Retail licensing / Mood Music

  • Playlisting

Focus on your company

Exposure of your company is key more so than the artist because all of your transactions are B2B. Business 2 Business transactions.

Don't forget the contract!

Draw up a napkin agreement for the ownership transfer (All rights to the master recording) and consideration ($377) You don't need anything fancy. Hell, an invoice will do!


Start phone and email hustling those songs!

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