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How to make $10,000 off your first album instantly

Trying to get paid on your next project? Here’s what you need to consider:

  1. How many fans you need to make at least $10,000.

  2. How to keep them engaged to get that.

  3. Which platform you’re going to use to get the money.

The dream is sweet, but the work is going to be hard to pull this off. Does your head hurt already? Let’s break this down into pieces so you can make it to the goal!

You Must Build an Engaged Audience

Without an engaged audience, none of what I tell you today will work. This means:

  1. Building an email list to keep fans informed beyond social media.

  2. Responding to your comments and DMs.

  3. Providing value to the fans via content.

If you can’t execute these items, don’t bother with the rest of the show.

Choose a Direct-to-Fan / Proud-to-Pay Platform

  1. Your website.

  2. Bandcamp.


You need a place where you can make revenue instantly!

Build Anticipation Through Content

Even though your audience is engaged, you’re going to want to rile them up. The best way to get them ready to make a purchase is to build anticipation. Otherwise, the effort you put toward making sales will have to be very persistent.

The Magic 3% Conversion Rate

Three is a magic number. If you have an engaged audience, you should be able to convert 3% of that audience at any given time to buy something. If you use this number anytime you’re ready to sell something, you’ll always do well in product planning.

Set Your Price

If I were selling an incredible digital album package, I would value stack the hell out of it and set the price at a point they couldn’t refuse. Let’s set it at $20.

Define Your Minimum Number of Buyers

  1. If our price is $20.

  2. Our conversion rate is 3%.

  3. Then to hit our mark, our total minimum audience size has to be 16,667.

Math Breakdown: $10,000 / $20 = 500 / 3% = 16,667 people.

Checking the Math: 16,667 x 3% = 500 people x $20 = $10,000 in revenue.

For safety, I would double my audience size to 33,334 and reduce the conversion rate to 1.5%.

You Said Value Stack! How Would You Do That?

  1. Album (Mp3, AIFF, FLAC) (Main, Club, Instrumental, acapella mixes).

  2. Album cover (Print yourself) posters.

  3. Digital album booklet.

  4. More exclusive (Print yourself) posters.

  5. Interview explaining the album.

  6. Documentary of the album (may be extra).

This Is Too Much! I’m a One-Man Team!

Reduce your value stacking and focus on engaging your audience. Trying to hit $10,000 on your first or second run may be too much for you right now. However, you will need to build a team if you’re even thinking about winning in this game.

I’m Just Starting. What Should I Do First?

Focus on the audience first and your relationship with them. Make sure you’re aligned with a mission that makes your world a better place for you as well as anybody that listens to you or views your content. Then revisit this concept once you’ve developed an engaged audience.

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If the Audience Is There

You should be able to make $10,000 or more with this process, upgrade the cook house, and cook up again!

If You Don’t Build the Audience

  1. Some followers will make the purchase.

  2. Many will feel insulted by the ask for the sale.

  3. This is all because you haven’t provided enough quality value.

  4. This ultimately tarnishes your brand and makes the next go-round tougher to win.


If you were struggling with:

  1. A way to make money from your audience.

  2. Sales strategy.

  3. Or a point to start engaging your audience.

You now have the means to get to it!


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