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How to destroy your music career before you start?

Many musicians want a career once they decide to chart a course down the musical path of mystery. The problem is most won't make it, and the journey will eat them alive, leaving many feeling lost and defeated as to why they took so much time trying just to fail… but at what?

You shouldn’t be dealing with this because, contrary to popular belief, music is spiritual, which is why it’s going to take more than a love of it, wanting money, and wanting fame to make this work!

Doing It for the Love

Doing it for “the love” creates a hobby. It keeps some busy, and for others, it's a form of expression that helps them release the pressures of life. Ultimately, “love” keeps your music sacred, which is why people who love their music alone never allow the songs to see the light of day or never really promote them.

Doing It for Money

Doing music for money is the quickest way to run your career into the ground. Listeners want to hear your love of the music you made through the music. Money will not make you love your creations; it will make you prostitute them. Doing it for money alone will make you quit because you can't seem to figure out how to survive on the music within 12 months of your first release.

Doing It for Fame

Doing music for fame will only cause you to prostitute yourself at the quickest rate possible. You will more than likely do anything for money, including music that you don’t agree with, losing all of your morals in the process. As you can see, these three will quickly destroy your chances of having a career before you start.

So, What Should You Do Music For?

You should do music for a reason that advances your growth and the growth of the general public. Why? When music generates upward growth, you become a better person, and the public becomes better because of your music, which causes them to give you money and ultimately elevates your level of fame. This gives meaning and a sense of being for your career.

How Do You Find a Reason and Meaning for Your Music Career?

You have to decide that the outcome of producing music will overcome a certain challenge for you and then a certain challenge for the public for every song. This gives you fuel to keep the car moving forward. Love, money, and fame are like oil changes to keep the engine in good shape.

What Is This Challenge You Speak Of?

For you, it could be writing a song with better lyrics or pushing the envelope of your sound to evolve, betting on yourself and daring yourself to do so. In this aspect, the consumer can hear the effort and love put into the music, and this makes them love it because you loved yourself enough to push the boundaries of your expression. For the public, it’s making music to help them sing in their car during 5 o’clock traffic, get through a breakup, or any negative obstacles that get them through the day. All of this is rooted in love overcoming an obstacle.

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Once You Define the Reason for Creating

  1. The music will get way better.

  2. You’ll begin to build more leverage into your career.

  3. This will cause you to make bigger strides upward into public notoriety.

If You Never Define a Means for Doing Music Unselfishly

  1. You’ll stay stagnant.

  2. Your career won't last too long.

  3. You’ll ultimately become bitter about the gift that you chose to develop perversely.


So, if you were struggling with:

  1. Finding a reason to do music,

  2. Finding meaning in doing it,

  3. Producing fruits from the music,

You now have the means to get this accomplished just by finding a reason why!


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