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How major record labels 10X their money supply on one song!

Many music creators want to make more money from the actual music they’ve created. To do this, you need to understand how intellectual property works, learn how to maximize what you've created and overcome your fear of user-generated content. This will require some effort and education, which is why many won't make it this far. But if you're determined to master the industry of music intellectual property, then you need to understand this!

Getting the Fish to Bite

Having different versions of your song is like a fisherman using multiple fishing poles simultaneously. For our example of 10x’ing your money supply, let's put 10 different versions of the same song out there for the fish to bite. The more poles we have, the more chances we have of making money!

The Fears of These Methods

In many cases, artists and record companies release only one version of a song and stop there. This fear originated during the blog era of 2002-2010, when artists found unauthorized remixes of their records online, leading to lost revenue and image control. However, nowadays, we refer to this as user-generated content. It shouldn’t be feared because it brings more attention to our catalog and to you as an artist.

The Main Versions

Start with the main versions. Get into the habit of releasing all your main versions: Main, Instrumental, Acapella, Club Mix, DJ Mix, Radio Edit, and Vox Up Mix. The more options available to the public, the more chances we have for new usage. If you’re concerned about unauthorized remixing, remember that Serato offers real-time audio source separation, known as stems. So, there's no way around it; just go with the flow and release higher-quality stems. This allows for increased sampling options and clearances.

The Alternate Versions

Alternate versions are close derivatives of the main version. They consist of Sped Up and Slowed Down versions, which are good for TikTok. Finally, Stripped versions are suitable for easy listening when applicable.

The Remixes

Remixes are excellent for extending our reach even further. Acoustic, Dance (EDM, House, Deep House), Lofi, Jazz Hop, New Orleans Bounce, Chopped and Screwed, Baltimore Club, Footwork, or Juke versions create reach into areas that may not be in tune with your artist or your main versions but will connect with the masses because they fit their moods and vibes.

The Covers

Covers work wonders in spreading your reach as well. Having other artists cover your record, especially those with an existing fanbase, boosts the life of your record and income. Always stay alert for covers that appear without your consent so you can clear them for collection. Also, don’t hesitate to hire these cover artists to create versions from scratch.

Syncing the New Versions

Approaching your sync agent with all these versions will make them very happy and, in turn, will significantly increase your chances of sync placements.

Streaming the New Versions

Adding all these versions to a special release for streaming is highly advisable. The income from a special deluxe single release can be incredible!

Selling the New Versions

If you decide to sell these versions, doing so directly to your fanbase can exponentially increase your income in the short term.

How You 10X the Revenue

In this blog alone, I've given you 20 options for release across 6 revenue streams: Sync (Master + Publishing revenue), Streaming (Master + Performance + Mechanical revenue), and Direct to Fan (Master revenue). 20 x 6 equals 120 ultimate revenue resources.

Out of 20, How Many Would You Recommend?

Be practical about it and release what resonates with you and your game plan. Not every remix and version will work for every fanbase.

How Do You Collect All of This Money?

For Master Money:

  • Use a Distributor (Symphonic, Tunecore, Distrokid).

For Publishing Money:

  • Set up a PRO account (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR).

  • Create an MLC account.

  • Register with Harry Fox.

  • Sign up for Music Reports.

For Neighboring Rights Money:

  • Register with Sound Exchange.

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If You Attempt at Least One Remix and Cover

It will open your mind to the endless possibilities of how you can grow and expand your label and publishing empire!

If You Only Release Your Main Version

You’ll only tap into a small portion of the huge potential pool of money you could have had.


If you were struggling with how to make more money from the actual music, you now have the means to accomplish this. By diversifying your content and making smart use of your intellectual property, you can maximize your revenue and ensure a prosperous music career.


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