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Grow Your Label: 4 Proven ways to grow a record label

Investors and artists always want to grow their labels. The first problem is they get caught up in sensationalism. The second problem is most new investors or artists don’t know how to run a business, making them feel uneasy about spending the wad of cash they have saved up. Every artist should understand the basics of what they have to do to get this thing off the ground. Nobody knows what they are doing in the beginning, including millionaire investors, because this business is very volatile. However, I’m going to give you some clarity if you’re just getting started.

Build a Foundation for Cash Flow

I don't have to talk about this one much because I do it all the time, but if you’re just getting to know me, that is what the 60-Day Record Label™ Course is for. How are you going to have a business that locks all of its cash flow up in different organizations? Welcome the money to your pockets; don't turn it away!

Find Your Niche

You can't promote a product or personality if you haven't defined the niche. This leads to constant pivoting while building, which leads to failure. You cannot scale an unstable business. So, why do you think you can be genre-less and incomparable to other signed artists and win? You can’t. You must find your niche!

Target the Right Market

Demographics are key! You can't go too big and broad if you want to scale. Finding the right market for your niche is essential!

Develop a Promotion Strategy Within the Market

Physical, digital, or both? What types of mediums will you use? You must come up with answers to these questions if you want to achieve success with your products as a record label owner.

This Seems Easier Said Than Done

Realistically, artists will have to study themselves and self-audit to really understand where they stand in the industry.

I Feel Like I Should Start Marketing and Promoting Now Before I Start the Business

Though this is how many people start out, you’ll find that when you start this, you get lost and start going in circles pretty quickly. This is due to no plan. You should only initiate small marketing and promotion plans for the sake of testing the validity of how good your music is with the public before spending any serious money.

You’re Taking the Fun Out of This?

If setting yourself up for success is taking the fun out, then you’re not meant for this business. Money is fun to spend but boring to plan for. Sacrifice your desire for fun and switch it out for hard work now; then you can have all the fun later.

Check This Out!

If you're a music creative or executive looking to build your label or publishing company in 60 days or less, grab the 60-Day Record Label Course and get it done today! You’ll gain the ability to get real funding, avoid contractual pitfalls, and keep the middleman out of your pockets. Click the link below to get started now! If you’re skeptical, grab the free guide, "10 Ways to Increase Your Record Label Profits," which comes with a free split sheet download.

Planning to Win

  • Your foundation will be solid.

  • Your system will be built for initial cash flow.

  • You’ll have a plan for marketing, promoting, and scaling.

  • You’ll remove more guesswork than you can believe from your business.

Failing to Plan

  • Causes breakdowns in your future and foundation.

  • Increases lack of direction.

  • Can lead to halting your musical endeavors 100%.


Most of you may have pressed go prematurely, but at least now you can see the areas you need to address to spring back into the game with a proper vengeance.


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