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Goodie Mob reveals Music Industry Secrets on The 85 South Show

This week I’m breaking down Goodie Mob member Big Gipp’s explanation of music publishing and a couple of secrets on the music industry from a recent interview on the 85 South Show. If you don’t know Goodie Mob is a legendary rap crew from Atlanta Georgia, produced by Organized Noize, that made waves in hip hop culture. The Group consists of Big Gipp, Kujo Goodie, T-Mo Goodie, and Cee Lo Green. Music publishing is not easy to understand but at least some artists like Big Gipp are willing to reveal secrets of the game on the 85 South Show (Karlous Miller, Dc Young Fly, and Chico Bean). Gipp touches on the group's dealings with Laface Records and Arista Records. Watch “Good Mob reveals Music Industry secrets on The 85 South Show” right here on the Music Money Makeover Show.

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