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From Beginner to Pro: Best Software for Managing Record Labels & Publishing Firms

Many newcomers to the music industry aspire to run their record companies efficiently, but the lack of proper software can hinder this efficiency. Without the right tools, company growth stagnates, breeding discouragement. Starting with the right programs is essential; otherwise, you risk exhausting your initial investments.

Managing a record label is complex, with challenges ranging from finances to social media. Running the Music Money Makeover Show and a publishing company on the side, I've tested various software tools to bring you the best for your label.


Catalog Management

Royalty Management Software

  • Your Music Distributor


  • Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers

Finance Management

  • QuickBooks Online

Social Media Management

  • Metricool


  • Chartmetric

What if I can’t learn all of this software?

Yes, you can! If you want to succeed, you will learn how. When you can't do these tasks anymore because you're expanding and time is limited, hand things off to your assistant, in-house admin, manager, accountant, or social media manager.

I just want to make music. Won’t this take away from that?

Music doesn't sell itself. Doing things for yourself with these applications won't take as much time as you think, especially if you utilize them in the beginning when you have no traction.

All of this costs money?

All of this software put together on a monthly basis costs you one Saturday night a month! Besides, it takes money to make money, right? And… scared money doesn’t make any money, right?

Get Busy

Learn the software, put a plan together, and get moving!

Check This Out!

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That Ends In Success

  • Establish an order of operations so your label will run smoother

  • Speed up the flow of money so you can make more profit

  • Monitor analytics so you can make better projects for more cash flow

That Ends In Failure

  • Wallow in confusion

  • Create more headaches and roadblocks

  • Stifle future growth


Transform from a DIY record label into a fully functioning record label that works for you to build a lasting legacy. By embracing and mastering the right software, you can streamline operations, enhance your creative output, and achieve the professional success you've always dreamed of.


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