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Free Beats: How to avoid the pitfalls of using free beats and profit!

Artists want to use free beats and squeeze as much juice as they can out of them. The problem you’re facing is infringement when trying to get more than you didn’t pay for, and you may feel like you can get away with it. Chances are it’s going to come back to bite you. Here are some rules to abide by so you can profit from your free beats.

Rule #1: Free Beats Live on Free Platforms

Free beats should live on free platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Audiomack, and other similar sites. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to monetize them in a sec.

Rule #2: Exchange Free Beats for Non-Monetized Currency

Free beats, unless they say for profit, should be monetized in an email exchange. Your fans don’t have to know that the beat was free; they just want the song. So let them have the free stuff in exchange for an email to unlock the song. You get non-monetized currency that you can monetize later.

Rule #3: Do Not Resell or Redistribute Free Beats for Sale

Free beats are meant to be used as promotional tools. The producer likely knew you were going to try this step anyway and may have registered their beats for content ID detection. This is infringement. It’s a trap, and the producer knows it. The distributor can also close your account for this.

Rule #4: Do Not Register Free Beats for Copyright Protection

If the producer was smart and has a decent content game, they likely registered their beats for copyright already. DO NOT DO THIS! This is infringement 101. They can take you to small claims court or federal court depending on how much registration you did and how long the producer let it ride, plus how much money you earned.

Rule #5: Do Not Register Free Beats for Royalty Collection

If the beat was not free for profit, DO NOT DO THIS. Do not register it for BMI or ASCAP; it will make it look like you knew what you were doing.

Rule #6: Do Not Register Free Beats for Content ID Protection

If you were thinking about doing this, they probably already did it.

Rule #7: Credit the Producer

Respect the culture and credit the producer. If they see that you did this and it blows up, you get respect from them and potentially the chance to build a lasting bond between you two.

Rule #8: Create Promotional Content

You should be building promotional content with the free beats. If it goes viral, you now have the attention you were seeking. Hopefully, you have some money set aside to buy another beat to capitalize on the attention.

Rule #9: Focus on Your Career Growth, Not Owning the Master

Focus on career growth. Putting out songs on free beats helps you grow in the beginning. If the verses are good, keep them and use them later. The master is the sacrifice in this scenario, but if the song is better than the verse, you can always remix it or ask the producer for a buyout if the instrumental hasn't taken off already.

When Is the Right Time to Use a Free Beat?

Use free beats when the song is for promotional purposes only and you need to bridge gaps in your regular scheduled programming/content at little cost. It’s also useful if you’re trying to get off the ground quickly and need a boost at a low cost.

Can I Use It in My Monetized Fan Community?

This is a monetized grey area. While the producer might not find out, if discovered, you could be sued. This is infringement.

What If Fans Wanted to Donate to Me for the Beat?

That’s still technically monetizing, so be cautious.

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Using Free Beats to Create More Content

Using free beats allows you to scale faster and cheaper. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice your paid stuff early in the game. It also allows you to supplement the empty spots in your promotional campaign to keep fans’ attention on you.

Monetizing the Free Content

Monetizing free content can really sink your whole battleship. However, in many cases, it may just damage it, but it’s damage you can’t afford while getting off the ground.


If you wanted to use those free beats to get off the ground, now you can, and they will help you become the artist you’ve always wanted to be. Just don’t monetize them. By following these rules, you can maximize the benefits of free beats without falling into legal traps. This approach will help you build your career while respecting the work of producers.


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