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Email Money: 3 Ways I extract money and emails from fans fast!

Every artist wants an engaged fanbase. The problem is everyone gets stuck on the sensationalized draw of new fans from ads. Your problem is getting comfortable with extracting currency from your base for the first time. Because of that, you may feel lost on how to accomplish this. But really, you should be burdened by a simple fix issue.

When I started this channel, I knew I would need emails to keep people updated on things related to what I was doing if I wanted to survive. For artists, you’re going to cross this hurdle a little differently.

Exclusivity - Limited Spots

After you’ve spent money on creating content and your fans are starting to become engaged with your social channels, you’re going to want to create some type of event, digitally or physically, where the spots are limited, and you’re going to ask for the email. Easy peasy. Go for digital first.

Scarcity - Limited Product

Eventually, you’ll be ready to extract money from the pockets of fans and ready to move product. However, because you don’t have much money, limited physical product will be the best way to get money plus profit and emails at the same time. The product could be a combination of an event and a product, value-stacked to extract as much value as possible from the fan.

Private Engagement - 1-on-1 Time

One-on-one fan engagement always works for email and currency exchanges. Nothing more to say here. This could go for birthday shoutouts or video calls.

Exclusive Access

This one takes work. It exists in the form of private servers, Patreon, and communities. As long as the fan is super engaged, there will be no problem with getting emails this way. In fact, you’ll find that subscription payments will sustain you for a long time to come as long as you can give great value to the fan within the community. This one will take some thought due to the fact that dropping content on social media is necessary.

Will This Cost Money?

It will cost you money to extract emails because you need a system to collect and send them, like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, ClickFunnels, and many more.

When Should I Start This Method?

When you’re responding to your fans in the comment section, you will begin to know the regulars, and you will notice a high engagement rate in your social analytics.

Is This a Necessity?

If you want to stay independent and earn high cash flow in a shorter amount of time rather than relying on music streams, I'd say it is.

Here’s What I Suggest

Start with virtual events first, whether it be listening sessions, Q&A, or virtual concerts.

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Adopting This Method Will

  • Make your fanbase more robust.

  • Increase word-of-mouth advertisement.

  • Increase revenue faster.

  • Decrease industry reliance.

Going the Traditional Route Will

  • Cause slower growth.

  • Lead to more borrowing.

  • Diminish creativity due to the slow growth.


Now that you know how to collect emails, you’ll be able to design a campaign fit for you so you can grow leaps and bounds around everybody else struggling in the music game.


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