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DMX, what will happen to his Masters and Music Publishing Now?

What will happen to DMX’s masters and music publishing after his untimely passing? It seems that artist losing or not owning their masters is a common thing but what will happen to their masters and music publishing after pass away? Will the family and children take control of the masters does it go into a trust or does it into an estate? In the case of DMX, I will explain from my perspective what seems to be a likely scenario for where the life of his masters and music publishing will live right here on the Music Money Makeover Show!

00:00 - Intro

01:12 - Copyright Explained

03:06 - Duration of Copyright. (IMPORTANT!!!!)

04:16 - Transferring Master RIghts

05:16 - Royalty - Revenue Shares

06:03 - Renewals and Extensions

06:59 - Who Retains ownership?

09:39 - What happens to the publishing

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