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Digital Destruction: How Technology Destroyed the full-time income of music artists

Technology destroyed the full-time income of music artists because:

  1. It took your product away.

  2. It gave you royalties in return.

  3. It forced you to sell something else.

The problem is you have to rebuild this in the technological AI age, which is why you feel like the game is over. Truth is, it’s not, and you shouldn't be in that mind frame.

Turn Your Talent into a Product

You’ve got to make a premium digital product for the superfans and supporters.

  1. The products will be exclusive to the subscriber base only.

  2. It will be different from what the masses get (Spotify listeners).

  3. It will be at a premium price starting at $10 and up.

Stop Trying to Get Rich on Royalties

Surviving on royalties alone leaves you with no profit margins to support a team. Without a premium product over $10, you’re dead. This is why all artists and management teams look to monetize from the very beginning. This must be a mindset shift for you. Once you handle this, you’ll be able to get your head out of the clouds.

You’ve Got to Learn How to Sell

If you want to get your full-time income back into your hands and make your way to the riches you seek, you’ve got to learn how to sell and sell excellently. If you do not do this, then you are going to fall flat on your face.

These Four Guys Taught Me How to Sell

  1. Donald Miller

  2. Alex Hormozi

  3. Russell Brunson

  4. Jim Edwards

You Just Took Me Out of My Creative Element… Why?

You said to yourself you wanted an income when you started this venture. I’m pretty sure you did, and if you’re going to get the money, it’s going to come from adding your left brain to the equation as well. Otherwise, we’re just wasting time creating.

Turning Your Talent into a Product: Examples

  1. Exclusive limited spot-based events (digital or physical)

  2. Scarce limited edition product releases for physical products

  3. One-on-one time with fans

  4. Exclusive access to fans online (servers, Discords, communities, Patreon)

  5. Premium deluxe digital downloads with exclusive footage and access

This Changes Everything. Why Not Just Go the Major Label Route?

You can, but they are dealing with the same problem too! Both of you lost your product. The physical CD, vinyl, and cassette tape turned into streaming services. So, when they have no physical product to sell, this puts everybody in the driver's seat. This also puts you in the royalty seat because you no longer have a product. This is why technology destroyed the full-time income of musicians. It’s on us to figure out a way to build it back in the new age, and it's going to need a foundation.

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If You Understand What Needs to Be Done

  1. You’ll bring back the missing cash flow to your pocket.

  2. You’ll become a game changer.

  3. You’ll begin to live off your music until you find your next opportunity.

If You Refuse to Make the Change

  1. You’ll be looking in the mirror trying to figure out what’s happening.

  2. You’ll eventually become bitter about the music game.

  3. You’ll ultimately lose yourself in the process.


If you were struggling with:

  1. Creating a product,

  2. Trying to get rich off royalties,

  3. Learning how to sell,

You now have the means to get over that hump.


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