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Decoding the Decline: Why Record Labels Face Extinction by 2026

You may be an artist who wants label execs out of your mix, or you may want a loosened grip on the cap that they put on attention and exposure for the independent artist. Restricted access is the reason why many look forward to this happening. Terrible signed artists with terrible deal offers are clogging up the music game. This leaves one frustrated with how they are going to break through.

However, no one should have to feel restricted because of terrible artists clogging up the music space that are signed by the majors. I feel you, but I also understand three things are really becoming your savior. Over the past ten years, I’ve seen these sectors develop, and I’m going to show them to you now!

The Deal

The deals they are offering now are not lucrative enough because of inflation, taxes, your team's percentages, and the high cost of maintaining status in the game while keeping your business afloat. The more money they offer, the more tied up you become, and the more you lose. It makes you an overpaid employee who will go broke in 3-5 years.


Royalty distribution, e-commerce, and social media management tools are secret weapons in your tool chest that give you more power than you think to operate like a major. This eliminates most of the need for heavy in-house staffing, giving you less headache about handling operations. Additionally, automation decreases your worries about keeping up with business affairs, so you won't be so anxious to run out to grab that deal.

A La Carte Outsourcing

  • Booking agencies (Live Shows)

  • Publishing companies (Song Exploitation)

  • Social media management (Content creation and programming)

  • Hired promotion companies (Hired to run promotions on single and album releases) *only when you have a narrative to run

Social Media

Using social media as a network will launch you light years ahead of the game, so long as you can keep the content flowing. View this network as your personal TV network, and you can seize the game.

A Look Back from the 1980s

  • LLCs were popularized in the 80s, allowing you to get started really fast without having the stress of corporation structure.

  • Recording at home became affordable in the 80s.

  • TuneCore was created in 2006.

  • Social media became a force between the start of MySpace and YouTube in 2005-2006.

  • Since then, AI has hit the public in 2023.

Your Lack is Work Ethic and a Plan Because…

  • There are too many tools to automate and infiltrate your selected market to make space for your brand.

  • Too many ways to pull money out of the market fast.

  • Too many tools to analyze and monitor your progress for fine-tuning.

What if an Artist Needs Funding?

There are many alternative options to consider rather than running to a record label for help. Traditional labels should be your last resort!

What About Staffing and Connections?

Finding the right staff can be tricky, but you’ll be surprised by what you can find by networking online.

What if You Can’t Build All of This on Your Own?

You won’t be able to build your operation on your own. Many want to do this on their own, but you’ll realize soon that hired help is a must, and money makes people move!

Here’s What You Can Do Now

Take control of your music career! Learn how to negotiate better deals, utilize automation tools, outsource strategically, master social media, and leverage historical insights to create your success story.

Check This Out!

If you're a music creative or executive looking to build your label or publishing company in 60 days or less, grab the 60-Day Record Label Course and get it done today! You’ll gain the ability to get real funding, avoid contractual pitfalls, and keep the middleman out of your pockets. Click the link below to get started now! If you’re skeptical, grab the free guide, "10 Ways to Increase Your Record Label Profits," which comes with a free split sheet download.

The Successful Experience

  1. Increased artistic freedom

  2. Financial control of your career

  3. Targeted audience reach

  4. Comprehensive understanding of the business

  5. Strong personal brand

  6. Efficient use of modern tools

The Old-School Way!

  1. Continued reliance on unfavorable deals

  2. Inefficient business operations

  3. Loss of unique artistic voice


From feeling trapped and overshadowed by major labels to thriving as a confident, self-sufficient artist, you'll embark on a journey to redefine your musical career and personal brand. Embrace the tools, strategies, and insights available today to build a sustainable and prosperous career on your terms.


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