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Connecting with Your Local Music Scene: A Gateway to Success

As an emerging artist, your music is reaching global corners thanks to social media. But amidst this worldwide reach, connecting with your local audience seems harder.

The hurdle is not your talent but the over-reliance on social media for fame. This digital focus makes creating a loyal local fan base challenging. Despite being globally connected, you might feel detached from your local music community.

Moreover, you might perceive success as gaining viral fame and a broad audience. This belief, however, overshadows the importance of nurturing local connections and presence. Your challenge? To redefine success by acknowledging the power of your local music scene.

As a new recording artist trying to gain success locally, you might find that your reach on social media has been spread too thin and too far. The over-dependence on social media to achieve fame and recognition can lead to difficulty in building a loyal local fan base and network. You may feel disconnected from your local music community due to your focus on a broader audience, believing that success can only be achieved through digital fame rather than nurturing personal, local relationships.

When I was managing artists, I had to speak to several key people to build the network base for the artist to work. It doesn’t happen without them. It doesn’t work without them, so let’s hop in.

Taste Makers

The first step to truly connecting with your local music scene is to engage with taste makers. These are individuals who hold sway over the public's musical preferences. When you get your music into the hands of these influential people, you not only expose your work to a larger audience but also begin to feel more integrated and acknowledged within your local music scene. This approach helps to shift the notion that success is just about digital reach, showing that local, personal connections can be equally, if not more, powerful.

DJs (Club & Event)

Next, make an effort to build relationships with DJs that play at clubs and events. These DJs have the power to showcase your music to a broad and diverse audience. Beyond expanding your fan base, collaborating with DJs can also provide you with a sense of belonging and reinforce the importance of local relationships in building a successful music career.

Every DJ doesn’t spin at clubs, and every club DJ doesn’t spin at special events. However, securing the DJs locally will almost secure the city as long as everything else you’re building is on point.


Promoters are another essential group to connect with. Their skills in organizing concerts and events can give you the platform you need to grow your fan base from a live performance position. They are the key to bigger live opportunities. More than that, working closely with promoters allows you to feel a stronger sense of connection to your local music community. This again reinforces the philosophy that achieving success in music isn't just about global digital reach but is also heavily influenced by active involvement in your local scene.

Street Teams

Don't overlook the power of street teams either. These are groups of specialized promoters who are willing to promote your music in your local community. When you have local individuals actively advocating for your work, it can boost your reach and provide you with a sense of validation and belonging. This grassroots approach firmly establishes the idea that success in music comes from deep community ties and support.

Talent Bookers

Another group to network with is talent bookers. These professionals can offer you opportunities for gigs and live performances, increasing your visibility and helping you connect more deeply with your local audience. This interaction again validates the importance of local relationships for success in the music industry.

Upcoming Artists

Collaboration with other upcoming artists is also invaluable. Not only can this expand your fan base, but it also fosters a sense of camaraderie with other musicians in your local scene. This collaboration underlines the notion that the music industry thrives on a sense of community rather than competition.

Street Executives

Finally, align yourself with street executives. Their vast connections and in-depth industry knowledge can provide opportunities that you might not have had access to on your own. Building relationships with these executives can make you feel like an integral part of the local music scene and reinforce the idea that close-knit community support is vital for success in the music industry.

Common Concerns

What if I don't have enough resources or time to connect with all these people?

Prioritize based on your current needs and gradually build these relationships.

What if these individuals don't respond or aren't interested?

Not everyone will respond, but persistence and consistency will eventually pay off.

What if I am not good at networking?

Practice makes perfect. Start small, be genuine, and your networking skills will improve over time.

Foundation is Key!

Building a network is essential, but it isn’t the foundation of your business. Your business foundation will expedite actions taken with the street execs and DJs.

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Sounds of Success

  • Increased visibility in the local music scene.

  • Stronger connections with key players in the local music industry.

  • Expanded local fan base.

  • More opportunities for live performances.

  • Improved networking skills.

  • Elevated music career.

Sound of Defeat

  • Lack of local recognition.

  • Isolation from the local music community.

  • Limited growth in the fan base.


If you are struggling to connect with your local music scene, connecting with these people will transform you into a well-connected, community-centric powerhouse. With a solid local fan base supporting you, you'll be ready to expand your reach and make your mark globally without losing sight of your roots.


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