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Career Suicide: Ignoring This Hidden Music Market Is Fatal!

ll DIYers want more ROI for what they’ve been putting out. This requires us to promote to two markets:

  • An inside market

  • An outside market

The problem is many artists don’t know the inside market, and if they do, they are scared of it. This is why many begin to run out of gas just by using social media. But you shouldn’t be getting tired because if you knew the upside, you’d already have a plan in place.

Outside Market

The outside market consists of all the cold viewers on social media who might follow you but may not make it to Spotify or other platforms to follow you there. It requires you to constantly pump out content to keep your name going strictly for the algorithm so people can sample your music and decide if they want more. Essentially, it's like offering free samples at Costco or Sam's Club. However, we need to get people to spend money with us.

The Outside Market Gets All the Attention

Putting out content often takes precedence over everything. When you’re trying to get noticed, you need to put forth all the muscle you have to get people to hear you. However, once people like what you’re doing, they’ll want more from you. You’ll begin to realize that social media alone isn't enough for them, and you’re going to have to take care of a new emerging market.

The Inside Market

  1. New & Hot contacts and leads

  2. The Superfans

The inside market is where all of your high-earning revenue comes from. You can sell everything you’ve been wanting to sell in the market that you’ve created for yourself, from the email subscribers and the follower audience that you have. Using these numbers to figure out how much you can actually sell to your base is a lot easier than going after a cold market at the mercy of the algorithms.

The Inside Market is Often Forgotten

In many cases, the inside market is neglected because artists are so concerned with getting new fans that they never take the time to nourish the fans that are already there. When the outside market sees you engaging with your fans, they will want to enter your party as well because they see how much fun your fans are having. This raises the hype even more and can get you crazy paid! Imagine having a forever VIP list that costs $10,000 a month so people can always be in your VIP wherever you are because you curate some of the best experiences for your fans!

How to Keep the Content Flowing for New People

Keep the same consistency but begin to weave in FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) content so people will wish they were part of your fanbase. When you start to see this, fans will see that you’re focused on giving them a great experience and will want to join in.

Is $10,000 a Month Excessive?

Nope, because believe it or not, some people won't take the time to pay you $100, but they will pay $1,000 or $10,000 because it seems more valuable to them and feeds their ego. There are levels to this game.

How to Market to the Inside Market

Provide experiences, products, and content that you would not offer to the general public or warm fans. Create exclusivity and offer high-value experiences.

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Marketing to the Inside

  1. Increases your revenue by 10x on average.

  2. Allows you to fund your career without a label.

  3. Enables you to call your own shots.

Marketing to the Outside

  1. Puts you at the mercy of the algorithms.

  2. Makes you a slave to the tech giants.

  3. Ultimately requires you to work 10 times harder.


If you were struggling with mastering marketing, you now have the means to empower your career and become the boss you want to be, or at least build a successful independent career that provides substantial income for you.


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