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Building a record label that lasts longer than 12 months!

Many of my viewers will build a label that won’t make it into next year. You're going to need a plan. Take a serious look at what you’re good at as a team and how you will place your mark on the world. Without a plan, how can you succeed? That is why everything is confusing to you. But it shouldn’t be because all we need to do is get those weeds out of the way!

3 Economic Goals

Economic goals mean putting numbers down on paper so you can build a strategy around reaching those goals. Revenue, followers, email subscribers, or whatever tickles your fancy.

  1. 10-year Goal

  2. 5-year Goal

  3. 1-year Goal

Market Share

How much and what type of market do you plan to own during your time of reign?

  1. Genre/Subgenres: Big aspirations.

  2. Regionally: A physical presence is very obtainable.

  3. Social Media Network by Genre or Niche: Very achievable.

How Will Your Music Change the World?

What is your mission for the world with the music you create or the artists you sign? Everybody creates audio dopamine so listeners can escape the ways of the world. The question is, once they escape, what will you use your music to inspire the listeners to do? What is this intention? What is the emotion? What is the assigned action you want the world to take?

What is the Strength of the Label?

  1. What is the label best at doing?

  2. Are you great at promotion with incredible release plans that cause pandemonium with your artist?

  3. Will you be known for your licensing techniques by putting your music in the right places at the right time?

  4. Will you be great at developing story loops via content so your artist can live for a long time?

Why Will Fans Buy Your Music or Prefer the Artists You Sign?

Quality, professionalism, craftsmanship? There is a trait that you possess as a label team or artist to make people listen to or buy from you. What is that?

I Just Want to Put Out Music. Is This Necessary?

If you would like to grow and succeed as a company or artist, all of this is very much necessary. There is no way around it if you’d like to replace your income with doing what you love, which is music.

How Do You Figure Out the Strength of the Label?

Examine your first train of thought when it comes to putting your music out. This will automatically let you know what your strengths are and the direction the label will move into.

I Wasn't Planning on Changing the World. Why Would I Do This?

Many artists don’t know that when they open their mouths and speak, they are impressing their thoughts, experiences, and opinions onto the world. This is what leaving your mark on the world means. You’re going to naturally do this, but once you become aware and do it with intent, your fanbase grows bigger exponentially, and you begin to develop a cult following because people see you as genuine.

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Taking Time to Address All of These Questions

  1. This means you will have a much more detailed focus on what you’re doing as an artist or label.

  2. This also makes what you’re doing grow a lot better without all the weeds in the way.

If You Never Address These Questions

You will stay stuck in an endless cycle of never growing your label or career. It takes roadmaps and planning to build a music career or label, and somebody has got to do the work.


If you were struggling with building a prosperous record label, you now have the knowledge to do it better than before. By addressing these fundamental aspects, you can create a lasting, impactful, and successful music label that stands the test of time.


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