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Beware: The Rise of Ex-Major Label Sharks in the Music Industry

Every artist wants a successful career, and I know you’d like your career to get off the ground faster than you’re moving now. The need for speed will run you into fraudulent ex-major-label employees who only promise you the success you seek. This is probably giving you anxiety about this business. However, it's easy to get around these people, but I need to break down the types first.

The "I Can Get Your Music to Labels" Guy

This has always been a staple in the game. However, there will be more of these people in the industry because there will be a major influx of people leaving labels due to technological advancements in AI. These people are essentially Bird Dogs. They look for artists on the rise in cities that are not on the radar of Chartmetric and either help you get on the radar and take you to a label or just straight-up take you there for a Finder's fee, or they will try to sign you so they can become a part of your career. Bad move!

The "Let Me Promote Your Music" Guy

This guy is working with some playlisting company that you don’t know about, and they are capping on the price to deliver your music to playlists that may be developed with bots. Still, to this day! They insure themselves contractually against any fraudulent activity in their workings that put you at risk of having your accounts taken down all for the sake of sharing in your streaming royalties. You could say they promote by any means necessary to get a cut of your earnings.

The "I Can Market Your Music" Guy

This is the only person I might test the waters with if they can show me how their systems work, what their plans are with me, and what the bare minimum outcome will be. However, they can still take your money, because marketing is a long-term process that must be implemented. If they don’t have a fee for the work and they want to sign you for a portion of the revenue made during the campaign, just know it’s really difficult to determine what earnings were truly made as a direct result of the marketing. For that to happen, your business finances have to be in order. Plus, Marketing strategies and Plans must be paired with promotion to truly work. Marketing cannot be done by itself.

The Fractional COO

Fractional COOs are supposed to implement systems into your business and get it operating before they exit for a temporary fee. The problem is many employees at major labels have not had the chance to actually build a company from the ground, let alone know how an independent label works vs. all the help they get from each department at the label. Though major label experience is a plus, their track record must be checked based on independent success and not major label experience alone.

I’m going to toot my own horn because I’ve been the only guy on the scene for a while that has built a system that actually works to help you build your label extremely fast. However, there are people that are using my system and redesigning it as theirs or charging you to do the work for you with no experience of how to run an indie label or a business, for that matter.

How Do We Spot Them?

They usually send these stupid emails with a fake label name like and you think it's real. It’s not!

You’ll spot them in the club with a business card with all the labels they’ve worked with on the back of the card.

They’ll have a website with all the artists they worked with, usually in passing most of the time, on their website or Instagram.

People who work in the game don’t have to say any of that because the real ones know who they are.

How Do We Know Who's Real?

The people that are doing the real work aren’t running to find you! You know about them, but you have to mean something to us!

How Do We Protect Ourselves?

  1. Ask for a case study

  2. Try them out on a case-by-case basis

  3. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

What If We Do Need a Connection They Have?

See what would make an amicable exchange for the connection they have so that it doesn't cost you your career or your sanity.

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Avoiding These People

Keeps you free and clear of wasting your time. The only thing they dangle in front of you is temptation that leads to nowhere in many cases. So missing them keeps you on track to further your career growth.

Getting Suckered by These People

Puts you in a position that builds resentment against this business. It also can take your joy away from making great music, allowing you to never see the light of day.


If you were wondering how to escape the weirdos and sharks of the industry, you now know a few that you can skate around. By recognizing and avoiding these ex-major-label sharks, you can protect your career, maintain your passion for music, and ensure a steady path to success. The journey may be challenging, but with the right knowledge and discernment, you can thrive in the music industry without falling prey to those who seek to exploit you.


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