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Beatstars contract says producer owns 100% of my Publishing?

Beatstars contract says producer owns 100% of my Publishing? I get questions all the time from Artists who lease beats from Beatstars. The phrase goes like this according to the beat stars contract it says the music producers own all of my music publishing is that true? No, in short, let's clear this Beatstars beat lease contract issue up and address the fact that the producer of the beat does not in fact own 100% of your music publishing once and for all right here on the Music Money Makeover Show!

00:00 - Intro

00:31 - Preface

01:21 - Copyright Explained

03:14 - Ownership Section 1

06:26 - Ownership Section 2

07:40 - Ownership Section 3

08:48 - Let’s Recap

09:55 - Super Important Rant!

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