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Arby's, Ving Rhames, Sugar Ray, French Fries, and a Big A** Music Publishing Check!

Arby’s, Ving Rhames, that one-hit-wonder group Sugar Ray from the late 90s make quite the funny music publishing scenario with french fries. When I first saw this commercial in Miami, of all places, I couldn’t help but think, how in the world did they come up with this one! The creative team over at the Fallon advertisement agency did a number with this commercial. If you don’t know Ving Rahmes is doing the voice-over for all of the Arby’s “We have the meats” commercials and Skrillex does the giant horn parts at the end but I Just Wanna Fly by Sugar Ray really?!? LOL Anyway, I explain in this video how Arby's, and Ving Rhames produced a big a** music publishing check Sugar Ray and Atlantic Records a Check right here on the music money makeover show!

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