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AI Music: A Silent Killer of Musical Careers? Or, the Future!

Everyone wants to know how AI will affect one thing… MONEY. Listen, I know that technology can be a bit frightening; I was when Chat GPT hit the street. The problem is, there aren’t enough positive use cases that creatives can relate to, which is why you feel like AI will destroy your way of life. But is it AI or the unknown that you’re afraid of? My name is Casey Graham, and we’ll address these issues on the MMMS.

To Make Good AI Music, You Have to Know Music

This is your saving grace. You need to know what the market needs and what people will move to in the future based on what happened in the past.

How AI Will Affect Artists

Artists will take the heaviest beating because they have to fight the most for the listener audience. Regulation of how 100% AI music will be exposed to the music ecosystem is the determining factor of that listener audience. However, one thing is for sure, AI can’t get out in the streets and perform, nor can it touch people physically. So, if you are an artist, being real and touching the people will never be replaced—that’s your upside. Introverts and lazy artists will feel the pain the most. However, AI may clean out the playing field of artists that hog space.

How AI Will Affect Record Labels

  1. Builds catalogs extremely fast.

  2. Allows record labels to rearrange their songs and old catalogs creatively and efficiently.

  3. Causes the value of catalog music to skyrocket in the short term but will eventually discount licensing fees for uses.

  4. Debases the listener audience extremely fast.

  5. Debases the major label economy rapidly for new signees.

How AI Will Affect Music Publishers

  1. Builds catalogs extremely fast—this is the major upside for publishers!

  2. Publishers can remix their compositions infinitely for different use cases and settings, such as sync.

  3. Producers can create their own samples, decreasing the sample clearance fees of human-made music tremendously.

  4. AI covers will cause massive confusion for music publishers and royalty collections.

How AI Will Affect Sync Licensing

  1. Music supervisors can create their own music for temp and source uses.

  2. AI producers can be signed to production music catalogs.

  3. Producers and songwriters can meet briefs even faster.

  4. Music supervisors may be tempted to double-dip if they have a hard time finding source music.

  5. It can close doors for producers trying to get into this space due to the speed of production.

  6. Film production houses may choose to create music in-house to save money, and distributors may favor this process.

AI Producers Will Become a Thing

AI producers can now create their artists’ vocals and give them songs that fit who they’ve created. This allows a single person or a small group of people to run a record label. However, the question is, will the records be quality? I’d answer, within due time.

How AI Will Affect Production & Remixing

  1. Producers can create a Voltron of who they want to work with, get an idea of how it sounds, and recreate it or save the vocal for further use.

  2. Producers can take past songs that didn’t work and remix them for a second chance at placement.

  3. Allows producers to create demo singers for their songs.

  4. The type beat economy will take a nosedive.

  5. The complexity of arrangements being created so fast will push the envelopes on production.

How AI Will Affect Songwriting

  1. Revives songs that never got picked up by major artists.

  2. Aids in the songwriting process by helping writers meet their ideas expeditiously.

  3. Provides great inspiration for top-line melody.

  4. Allows the writer to sit in the production chair for a change.

  5. Allows songwriters to create demo singers for their songs.

Is This the Bottom of the Barrel or a Revolution?

I believe AI will revolutionize the industry and at the same time bring everyone to the final leveling of the playing field.

What About Likeness?

I believe that an artist's likeness should be protected and that they should only lease or license their models to a select group of people over a certain amount of time. This is actually happening now.

Who Will Benefit the Most?

Right now, everybody benefits the most. Think about all the help you need and see if AI can do it. Just like back in the day when Apple launched the campaign “There’s an app for that.”

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Using AI As Assistance

People were afraid of the internet when it came on the scene. AI is the internet on steroids, but it’s not going anywhere, so I would find ways that it could assist me that I feel comfortable with.

Refusing AI

Is not a bad thing; however, creation that happens with deregulated technology always puts creators ahead of the curve. If you have a desire, don’t lose your competitive advantage because of fear. AI regulations are coming in pretty fast.


If you were on the fence about AI, at least investigate how it could help you and move on what makes you feel comfortable. By embracing or understanding AI's role, you can leverage its benefits while maintaining your artistic integrity. AI could be the tool that helps you revolutionize your music career.


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