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7 Steps for releasing new music in 2021

The top of the year is here and I know everyone wants to release new music in January, however, in my opinion, and experience it's not the best time for the industry or the consumer. Listen to these seven steps in this video so you can better understand the top of the year release tactics. I believe that you will get a clear view of what you should be doing from January on out.

The industry is still on break!

The execs and workers of the industry are technically still on break until the second week of January. Give them time to start fully functioning and wipe the vacation dust and crust out of their eyes.

Set your intentions for Mid - February

This is when cuffing season is pretty much over and everyone who is an early bird mixer and mingler will want a new soundtrack to find some new hopefuls. Start your promotions for new projects here.

March is primetime game time!

This is the best time to release new music because the funk of winter is starting to wear off and people are more receptive to hearing new upbeat music.

Get your account registrations together in January

January is the time to handle all of those registrations ASAP


Don't forget to handle all of your splits before releasing them. Make sure everyone agrees and signs off on them!

Start Pre-Promotions

Start your pre promotions 30 days out from your release date. I recommend 30 days so your potential listeners don't get worn from your constant promotion without access to your music. Start slow and end it out with a bang on release day!

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