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7 critical factors that create a fanbase connection

It’s the top of the year, and every artist wants fans! You need to know how they connect with you to get them! Many artists never get off the ground because they don’t provide a means to connect. Artists on the ground cause too much static, leaving you feeling like it’s all impossible. But it is possible, especially if you understand what I’m about to explain next.

Appearance! Perception Is Key at First

Your fans look like you and what you present to them. You can change parts of this at any time but never the core. Appearance has everything to do with your book cover. Everyone will judge your book (you) by its cover first. If they like the cover, they will pick you up off the shelf and open you up!


Many people will pick up your book based on the fact that you are the same gender as them. However, that’s shallow to think about because it is all about the context and character of your gender that they resonate with. Are you a strong man or woman, shy, timid, confident, elegant, or loud and boastful? Gender plus character of the gender will make people resonate with you.

Race and Nationality

One of the biggest connection pieces will be based on race and nationality. Hands down, forget all the political stuff. People segregate naturally, and that’s okay because it’s only tribal.


Age plays a big factor in the fanbase too. Fans must resonate with what you’re saying, and naturally, an artist says things that resonate with where they are in life. Like clockwork, that same age group is tuned to that frequency and will pick it up without you even targeting them.

What You Stand For

What you stand for is birthed out of political, religious, spiritual, and lifestyle positions. People will decide if they want to connect with you here the most. Why? Because this is where we get into common interests.

What You Talk About

Whatever you stand for, you’re going to talk about it. This is the moment you become the pied piper, and people begin to follow you. This is because 1. you have great music with a message that they can resonate with, and 2. you have a great storyline that they can follow based on what you stand for.

What Your Mission Is for the People

If you were able to master your talking points, then doing something for the people is like gasoline to a flame! This will explode your growth to new heights simply because the fans see that you are passionate about them as well. This makes them feel special, and in turn, it helps you because they turn into word-of-mouth promoters for you on autopilot.

How Do You Display All of This?

The short answer is to be unapologetically you in all aspects of yourself. However, that’s easier said than done if you constantly make assumptions about what you think others may think about you. The second answer is to put each page of your story into a piece of content for others to follow along.

I’ve Been Hearing About “Story” for the Last 2 Years. How Do I…

Look up the “Hero’s Journey,” then go down the rabbit hole from there.

The Music Should Speak for Itself, Right?

Newsflash: it never did. That’s why, back in the day, papers and magazines existed to tell the STORY of the artist so the FAN can get IN-TUNE with the ARTIST. Social media has been the new form of what once was.

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If You Allow Fans to Connect with You

You will begin to see your career take off and your wings will spread. Just make sure to keep letting those fans who are riding your bandwagon know where you’re going, or else they will hop off. There’s nothing worse than a cliffhanger that leads to nowhere.

If You Don’t Establish Fan Connection

You will think that people are stupid and the industry sucks when that’s not the case. It’s only because we can’t even READ a summary about who you are because you didn’t write your story for us to get into. No story makes you a nobody in this game.


If you were struggling with building a fanbase or nurturing an audience, you now have the means to tighten things up to make your career fly higher. By understanding and implementing these seven critical factors, you’ll be well on your way to creating a deep and lasting connection with your fans.


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