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6 Secrets to Building a Loyal, Paying Fanbase!

Nothing says engagement like an outlandish claim you're going to accomplish.

  • However, fans must be engaged.

  • They must see you as valuable.

  • In order to support you.

This is simple, but the problem is you care too much about what people will think of you! This minor fear is what's stopping you.

Maybe you wouldn't be so fearful of starting if you knew that you are the hero that saves the day for the fan!

Fan Support

Fan support comes from them connecting to the story of you and where you’re going.

  1. Who are you?

  2. What are you doing and what do you stand for?

  3. When are you starting and taking action?

  4. Where is all of this action taking place? Can I come, watch, or listen?

  5. Why is this important to you and why should it be important to me?

Fans Support Heroes

Fans support the hero that has a mission. Fans do not support villains, victims, and guides of a story because they want someone to save them from the gruesome reality they are currently living in. So your job as the artist is to save them from the day. If you can do that, then you will gain their support.

How Do You Engage These People?

Engaging your fans involves understanding what they value and delivering it consistently.

What is Value?

val·ue /ˈvalyo͞o/ - the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

Value Offers Escape

If a new fan sees you as important or worth the time to watch, they will choose you over somebody else just to escape for the moment. Value offers escape! That’s how you engage them, through valuable content. Therefore, if you add value to their lives, they will come again tomorrow. Go watch my video on how to make musical crack!

Audience Heat

  1. Hot audience members comment, like, save, and share your content. They may have already purchased something from you and are willing to do it again because you are valuable to them.

  2. Warm audience members only watch your content. They’ve done maybe three of the actions (like, comment, save) on your content more than once but are not fully connected to you because you are not that valuable to them.

  3. Cold audience members are just discovering you.

Basic Needs of the People

  1. Food is purchased every day.

  2. Clothing is purchased every season.

  3. Shelter is paid for every day, week, or month.

  4. Entertainment is variable!!!

Because Entertainment is Variable!!!

People who have an obsession need to buy from you every day! People who need an escape, every week. People who need an experience, every month. People who want to try something new or are having a coming-to-Jesus moment, every season or once a year.

I Hate Social Media! Can’t I Do This Live?

No social media means a hard road ahead.

How Do You Get Them to Pay Every Time?

You get fans to pay with a simple thing called a “Call to Action.”

  1. Frequent payments require a frequent escape (Streaming).

  2. If people need a substance, they want an experience (Show or live community engagement).

  3. If people want to show that they are a true supporter, give them merchandise!

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If You Engage Your Audience

  1. Fans will support your independent reign.

  2. The reality of successful independence will be more clear for you.

  3. Because fans support you and your reality becomes clear, you will begin to thrive and live off your independence.

If You Don’t Engage Your Audience

  1. You never gain the support of your fans.

  2. This will make signing to a major label seem like a better option.

  3. Which will put you at the mercy of getting an advance check.


If you were struggling with:

  1. How to get fans.

  2. Producing value.

  3. Engaging them.

You now have the means to accomplish this.


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