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5 Things Artists Should Implement in 2024

Every creative wants a successful 2024, but we don't know what's around the corner. One thing's for sure: we're going to need strategies, great products, and great execution to have a successful year!

Quality Product

Many artists rush their work to make pennies, neglecting the quality of their craft. No one should be rushing to make pennies. Take time to develop a quality album or string of singles because if you have a quality product first, you won't want to shortchange the next steps.

Content Planning

The number one thing that can help artists in 2024 is a content plan that gets the message across about your music releases and promotes them at the same time. Finding a plan that doesn’t overwhelm you, your staff, and your skill set will be crucial to your success next year.

Fan Engagement Strategy

To succeed in 2024, you need to produce content, but base your content on these targets to transform attention into actionable engagement:

  1. Low likes = bad content idea

  2. Low comments = no emotion

  3. Low watch time = bad hook (intro)

  4. Low shares = content is not relatable

  5. Low saves = providing no value

Start with a great content idea that triggers a chosen emotion, begins with a great opening statement, is relatable to your audience, and provides value that can help people have a better outcome or day.

Execution Strategy

The reason why many artists don’t achieve the prior three things isn't a lack of desire but a lack of an execution strategy. How are you going to execute these ideas to bring them into the material world? What is your strategy for execution?

To keep it short: Action A will result in X amount of (_______) so I can (Action B).

Become Fearless to No’s

Take your mind off the no’s and focus on the meaning of what you're doing. Remember, it is not about the opinions of people as long as what you're doing has meaning. If what you're doing has no meaning, all the brain will hear are negative opinions and criticism. Find the meaning, and you will accelerate your career tenfold.

Why Should I Have to Make Content?

Why are you asking this now? Try to make it without content or by just doing random posts, and see where that gets you.

Can You Help Me Implement These Strategies?

Yes! Book a call on the site.

Will You Develop These Strategies for Us to Use?

It's coming soon.

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Choosing At Least One of These…

Will improve your growth, allowing you to make better content or products so you can achieve your dreams and goals with your talent.

Doing the Same Thing…

Will clearly get you nowhere. Make a move next year to achieve something to help you in your career.


If you were struggling with:

  1. Fears of what people are saying

  2. How to make engaging content

  3. Or just how to execute a strategy

You now have a little more knowledge to get this done!


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