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2024 The year artists get rich again?!

Direct-to-Fan Consumerism

Proud-to-pay and pay-what-you-want platforms will rise this year as many creators begin to create their own communities, servers, and ultimately mini-economies. As long as fans are engaged, this will bring a lot of money directly to the artist.

Artists Will Sell a Lot More Merch

This one is almost a given. Artists will understand that it is necessary to have merchandise that sells. You will see a rise in the top three merchandise areas: T-shirts, sweatshirts, and vinyl sales.

Creator Communities

Superfans subscribing to fan club memberships will rise this year as the market is beginning to demand it. Even my fanbase is throwing tomatoes at me for not having my own community. It's coming soon!

Multiplayer Digital Economy

The “Multiplayer Digital Economy” has been coined by the founder, Brandon Thorpe, of a company named FORMLESS. They’ve created something called the SHARE Protocol. It is essentially a blockchain formula that allows consumers to purchase digital products from their favorite creators while getting a kickback or royalty via their Liquid Splits functionality. This allows consumers to share in the action of sales with the creator. The sales are conducted on decentralized smart contracts that allow you to unlock features across multiple platforms and attach any media to the contract, including music, podcasts, videos, blogs, playlists of music or audio, and much more.

I See You Didn't Mention Anything About Streaming

That's because streaming 1.0 is dead, and we’re moving onward to streaming 2.0 and creator communities.

This Stuff Seems Hard to Learn

Actually, it’s not. There is virtually no learning curve to any of this except how much you’re going to split your smart contract into. If you are not that computer literate, then of course this stuff will be hard for you to understand.

Realistically, Do You Think Artists Will Get Rich with This?

If artists know how to engage an audience and build a storyline, then this will easily put you in the six-figure club if you know how to sell to that audience.

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Becoming an Early Adopter

  1. Will put you ahead of the game.

  2. Put more money in your pocket before this becomes second nature to the consumer.

  3. Allow you to grow and scale more smoothly.

Relying on Streaming Only

  1. Will put you out of business faster than you start.

  2. You won’t grow.

  3. Which means you can’t become that household name you’ve wanted to be.


If you were wondering how you were going to up your game in 2024, you now have more insight to do so. Embracing new platforms and methods can not only secure your place in the industry but also significantly boost your earnings. Dive into direct-to-fan consumerism, build engaging communities, and leverage the latest in digital economies to make this your breakthrough year.


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