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10 items to maximize your music promotion campaign

Every artist or executive wants a successful music promotion campaign. Goals, strategy, and content can be challenging to overcome without a solid plan. Many lose money on this step due to negligence. However, none of you should be struggling because of it. Here’s a blueprint to guide you through a successful music promotion campaign.

A Target Goal

Numerically, what is your target goal when it comes to new leads (fans), revenue, and units sold (streams, sales, etc.)? Without a target numerical goal, your music promotion campaign has no lift. It can’t go anywhere.

Strategy for the Goal

Beyond the goal, you need a strategy to achieve it. Otherwise, you’ll just have lofty ideas.

  • What signifies a win for you or the team?

  • Where is the playing field?

  • What is the unique quality you will win with or by?

Budget for the Strategy

How much can you afford to push this strategy? If you don’t have a budget, you won’t know how much thrust you’ll have to push the promotional campaign along. Secondly, you won’t know how much you’ll have for the promotional content itself.

Timeline and Schedule for Campaign

Timing is important. Your current music promotion campaign should coincide with all other plans and campaigns ahead. You need to be three steps ahead of the current campaign you’re about to run.

3 Formats of Promotional Content

To keep things simple, focus on three formats: Long-form (YouTube, TikTok), short-form (Reels, Shorts, TikTok), and text-based (X Post, DMs, Emails).

Wide or Narrow

If you’re new with a one-person team, I recommend going narrow: one platform. If you’ve got a few people, use two platforms. Three platforms would require a full team to be highly effective. Too many platforms take time away from creative opportunities and business operations.

Content That Promotes the Talent

This is your main content. Single-shot music videos are taking the cake right now and are cost-effective. They will likely be around for a while, so I highly suggest using them.

Content That Promotes Your Story

There’s nothing better than a podcast interview with one of your friends asking you questions. This makes for great story content. Potential fans want to know who you are, where you’re going, where you are now, and where you came from. Without this, fans cannot bond with you.

A Funnel to Sell to Impulse Buyers and Supporters

You need a funnel to capture the fans that fall in love at first sight. This is actually one of your main goals because you need to get in the habit of removing people from social media and into your contact list to communicate with them directly.

All Records Must Be Registered

This is necessary for campaigns that go viral or when industry executives want to find out who owns or created a song, they can find you. Plus, as the record picks up steam, we won’t have time to go back and do the tedious work of metadata registration. We need it now. On top of this, computer systems need to know where the money should go from day one as much as possible.

All Receiving Accounts Must Be in Place

Accounts must be in place to start receiving money on day one, especially if you have a funnel built that sells items. Additionally, all royalty collection accounts need to be ready to go as well. These accounts are needed to collect all proceeds from the campaign as they start to appear in as little as 24 hours, depending on how advanced your strategy is.

This Seems Like a Lot. Do I Really Need to Do This?

If you want to win and not shortchange the hard-earned money you’re about to put into this campaign, you do.

Can I Just Run an Ad and Call It a Day?

You can, but then you’d lose all the momentum you’re trying to build once it’s over. Potential fans want to continue the journey with you. Without content to keep them entertained on your social media pages, you will fall to the wayside with them.

How Long Should a SINGLE Campaign Run?

The main run should be 2-4 weeks at most, with continuous promotion lingering on thereafter. But remember, it’s got to coincide with the next campaign.

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Running a Campaign Without Thorough Planning

Puts you a few steps back from where you started or leaves you in the same place as where you started. This costs you precious time that you don’t have as an artist.

Running a Campaign With Thorough Planning

Will give you and the team more control over your career. This causes you to jump leaps and bounds over your number one competition -which is you- causing you to become better than you were in the last campaign.


If you were struggling with launching your campaign, take these steps and the course to make a better music promotional campaign today for your team to win tomorrow!


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