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10 Artist Struggles I learned from coaching and managing them

Every artist steps into the game to be the best they can be. This journey requires confidence, belief in one's talents, and the ability to stand in the spotlight. Yet, many creatives are fearful of these steps, which is why many never succeed. Being honest with yourself is a great place to start overcoming these challenges.

Most Artists Don’t Believe That Making It Is Possible

Sometimes creatives' eyes are bigger than their appetite. When they begin to see how hard the road will be, they start believing that success isn’t possible. This belief is partly why many think making it in the industry is impossible and that certain sacrifices must be made. However, this is only a half-truth.

Want to Own Their Masters but Don’t Know How to Promote Them

A lot of artists want to own their masters but don’t know what to do with them from their position. If you own your masters, your job is to promote them. Many don’t know the first thing about promoting their music; they only know how to promote themselves. There’s a big difference.

Many Don’t Create Dope Music

Many artists don’t create dope music because they are in their own world. Making music for fun and expression is good for the soul, but putting a dollar amount behind it requires music that is tried, tested, and vetted critically. Most expressive, introspective music succeeds because it was created in the public’s proving grounds, not in private comfort.

Afraid of the Public’s Opinion

Because many artists create in a private space, they tend to stay there. These artists are afraid of public opinion because, in their hearts, they weren’t really creating music for the public. It was more about personal healing or self-discovery.

They Don’t Study the Greats Enough

A lot of artists don’t go to concerts to study the greats who came before them or the current leaders of the day. If you don’t study, you can’t pick up pointers to innovate upon. This is called research and development, and it is essential for any business to grow.

Want to Promote Without a Place to Capture Their Fans

Promotion is great, capturing attention is great, but what’s attention without a means to measure it, speak back to it, make money from it, and increase your connections from it? Fame alone is not enough. Capturing the information of your fans to stay in contact with them should be your primary goal.

Afraid to Sell Themselves

You can’t successfully sell what you don’t believe in unless you’re a con artist. Many hit artists don’t really want to be con artists. If you don’t believe in yourself wholeheartedly, you won’t successfully sell yourself, your message, your music, your mission, your imagery, or your ideals to the public.

Afraid to Be Open and Unapologetic

Because artists are afraid to sell themselves, they can’t be unapologetic. Unapologetic artists are the ones who become legends beyond their music. It’s what they stand for that moves the world, not just the crowd. They aren’t afraid to say what they have to say.

Afraid of the Spotlight They Created

A lot of artists will do well promoting themselves, but as soon as their spotlight gets bigger than them, they run away from it. They are not ready to be illuminated for the world to see. This can happen at any level. Standing in the light is not easy.

Many Do Not Practice Beyond the Studio

Many artists are bedroom studio artists or studio rats. They don’t want to take their career beyond that. Usually, when I determine this characteristic about an artist, I tell them to stick to writing or producing for others because that’s the skill they are truly honing.

Why Say All This Stuff About Artists?

Because I stand on truth, and not many people will tell you the truth. You may be hurt by it, but you will eventually respect it. Plus, all this information has been gathered over years of research.

What Would You Work on First?

I would start going to concerts and studying the greats. Then, I would test my music in public more than I’m currently doing to get a better gauge on expressing myself musically. Finally, I’d learn how to communicate to the people to sell myself better.

How Would You Help an Artist Work on Fear?

The best way to work on fear is to face it at least twice. Once to know that you can do whatever it is, and the second time to confirm that you are capable of consistently facing it. Eventually, it becomes second nature.

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If You Work on Yourself and Craft in Neglected Areas

You’ll begin to see a change in your game, steps, and strides. People will respect you for your new growth.

If You Do Not Put in the Work

You will not go anywhere, and eventually, your music career desires will begin to fade because if you don’t utilize your gifts, you will lose them.


If you were struggling with how to improve as an artist, you now have some of my top data points to know what you or others are actually struggling with. Use this knowledge to move forward and elevate your career.


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