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New from Music Money Makeover comes the Master and Publishing split sheet, designed to save you time and money until you can afford an attorney!


  • This split sheet will save you money in legal fees which lets you pour more money into your creative process.
  • It will eliminate headaches and arguments from people who do and don't understand the music business which means a more happy creative environment!
  • Lastly, this split sheet expedites your paperwork process because it's a fillable PDF which means no printing and writing! Just fill it out, upload it to Docusign and you're done!!


The Music Money Makeover Master & Publishing Split sheet allows you to agree on

Who will:

  • Own the Composition rights
  • Own the Master Recording rights
  • Receive Royalties from the master recording royalties
    • Producer
    • Songwriter
    • Vocal Producer
    • Engineer
    • Executive Producer
    • Legal Entities (Sole Prop, LLC's, and INC's)
  • Receive publishing royalties (Performance, Mechanical, and Sync)
    • Composer - Producers
    • Authors - Songwriters
    • Music Publishing Administrators and Co-Publishers


Download the Master & Publishing Split sheet today and let the fears of music ownership roll away!

Master & Publishing Split Sheet

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