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Why You Should Stop Chasing Music Streams

What's the Deal

Artists, producers, and singer-songwriters want streams so badly because they are looking to replace what once was in the music industry. Profitable music! You have this fantasy of what times were like before 2010 when artists were making millions off of music alone.

Now that value is gone. You have to figure out a way to achieve that same monetary value while you lost the physical value of music.

We Have a Problem - Mr. Technology

Technology and innovation are to blame for this loss in the value of music. But it has also aided us in the ease of creation to get your ideas and message across to the people a lot easier.

Currently, people won't pay for music in the same way they did back in 2010 and prior simply because our means of consuming music is a lot easier and faster, but if you present it in a way where they can pay that amount then they will.

This is just a minor speed bump in your way. You shouldn't be mad at the world and the creators of technology because after all, you are using it to make your music faster. You are using it to get to the fans directly. Your question should be how do I get the same value from back then out of what I am doing today?

You see it's not just you that feels this way it's everybody! At the same time, consumers want to become fans of music and spend money with you, while you want to make money with them!

So, what do you do about this? No artist should be out here chasing streams like a hamster on a hamster wheel because the public already knows how to stream they’re out here looking for value elsewhere. You have to give it to them.

I hear ya!

I understand what you’re going through and I had to pivot from what I was doing in the industry myself. However, we still need creators like yourself, so as a consumer, I can become a fan of your music.

Being that I have gone from selling CDs hand to hand myself, to strictly music streams I clearly see where you can pivot your strategy in one of the top money-making areas in the industry.

What you're going to do about it.

We need to shift our attention from getting that $10 per album and move it to creating attention via content that generates $10.

Remember how we used to shoot the music video, get the radio play, have street teams hang posters, and post billboards? Street teams are still useful by the way. We did all of that to create attention so that the general public would consider buying the album. There was no free sample except the radio single it’s like buying a pack of Magic The Gathering cards or Pokemon cards hoping that the pack was good or not.

We have to take the hope out of the buying process for the consumer and display a guarantee via social media content that not only am I dope as an artist but the music that I make is dope as well. Once we display the guarantee via our social media content the fanbase that we amass will be pure support with no hype.

Now we need to create a digital version of this album that the fans can purchase that includes more than the music so they can feel like they got their money's worth by the guarantee you fed them.

You can always reach out to me if you need help with this.

You've got work to do!

If you’re going to be a star then fear of being yourself in front of the camera is one thing you will have to shake. What better way to do this than social media?

Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to start posting videos of your process every day. Even if it's just 15 seconds! People will see how hard you work and will tune in for more. Take out your phone! Shoot a video of what you’re doing right now for your progression as a musician and post it.

Now, immediately watch how engaged the fan will become with your content. Once they are tuning in for more, then that means they are giving you a guarantee that your process is working.

If you can start here then you will begin to tailor-fit the process for yourself by finding your market naturally, learning how to promote and sell by trial and error, and retaining a fanbase that will grow with you as long as you keep feeding them.

What the End of the tunnel looks like

But I can assure you that you will be miles ahead of the pack because this is what will happen.

  1. You’re going to create new followers.

  2. You’ll galvanize the fans you already have as well as the new ones.

  3. You’ll gain more monthly streaming listeners for sure

  4. More importantly, you’ll gain some fan sales.

  5. Additionally, you will gain more promotion by word of mouth.

You can’t really fail at this process because really all it's doing is making you a better artist, performer, and public figure.

Change your mindset

Now, if you were upset about the music industry because you can't get as much money as fast as they used to back in the day, think again because you actually can. It's just in a more pure form, with trimmed fat. Plus the tables are flipped.

Because of your villain Mr. Technology, you can allow yourself to move from a bitter state of mind to a more prosperous state of mind and truly beat the house on your own turf and time.

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