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#AnitaBaker Exposes the entire Record Industry!

It goes without saying that Anita Baker is a legend in this music game. Currently, Anita has asked fans to stop listing to her music, following suit with Dave Chapelle. If this is what it takes to get the consumer to see that mass consumption of music for a near-free price is not cool when the artist has to work almost entirely on tour for their entire lives, then I agree with her. Anita takes shots at Spotify, the music industry record pirates, the labels themselves and also addresses her contract being up and explaining that she needs her masters back. Anita baker exposing the entire record industry says a lot, and I hope that more artists of her caliber follow suit with her as well.

00:00 - Intro

01:04 - Copyright Explained

03:14 - Anita Bakers Address

05:16 - Name and Likeness reference

07:51 - Music Industry Pirates

11:30 - How much do artists really get paid?!?

17:57 - How to combat the streaming companies

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