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Make Music?
Make Money!

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Growth Solutions for

Artists, Record Labels & Music Publishers

Stress& Confusion

Save Valuable
TIme & Money


Save time and money with a music growth plan from us!

We know music creators and owners are fearful about starting their music careers. We believe every music creator and owner deserves an incredible growth strategy that delivers major label results!

MusiC is Too valuable to waste time losing money!

  1. Many music creators and owners do not set up their businesses properly for max profit!

  2. Music creators do not know how to retain fans!

  3. Plus nearly all of them don't know what type of content to create for their fans!

Strong Foundation

We design a firm organized foundation for your business and career.

Grow Big!

The foundation we design for you allows you to grow bigger, stronger, and stand taller amongst the music industry!

Big Profits

See greater profits faster allowing you to stay independent longer!

Book A Call

Get A Plan

Get Results

What we've been doing!

3 million views

Our content has been consumed over 3 million times from viewers like you!

200+ Plus CLients

More than 200 clients have chosen us to elevate their careers and guide them along the path!

superstaR Status

We have made major headway keeping our superstar client's deals and careers optimal for growth!

Howto build a major record label in less than 60 days

While you're waiting to fast-track your music career and business, set yourself up for success before you get started so half of your battle is taken care of!

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The 60 Day

Record Label

The complete guide to building a fully functional record label in 60 days!

The 60 Day Label Exec Ed Mock up.png

The 60 Day Record Label Executive Edition

The ULTIMATE guide to building a fully functional record label in 60 days! EXPANDED to 90 Pages complete with AUDIOBOOK!

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Master & Publishing Split Sheet

Get more business done by keeping your agreements simple when you're securing a first-timer client!


Maximizer Bundle

Maximize the money you make with your record label!

The Mastermind

Hi, my name is Casey Graham I’m a Multi-Platinum Grammy-winning Engineer/Producer with 20 plus years of industry experience. I’ve developed a growth marketing system for career-ready artists, producers, record labels, and managers to build a structure for themselves to receive income hand over fist. 


Grow with a customized music business growth marketing plan based on that structured framework, and profit multiple times over in the music industry due to my unique system.


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